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We welcome all males to our Barber locations all the times that we are available.

However, to make most use of your time, we have instituted an appointment system that guarantees your timing or chosen spot within reason. This means that when you arrive at your appointed time, the professional barber you chose will either be waiting for you or will be ready for you within minutes.

In the past as our client, you would directly contact your preferred barber to schedule an appointment, you can still do that.

However, the system we have put in place, allows you to schedule your appointment even when the barber you like is busy with another client and is not in position to answer your request immediately.

Not only that, the appointment system allows you to see all open slots that your preferred barber has AND if you like more than one barber, you can see if your other choice is also available when “you” are available.

We hope you too will be a raving fan of this appointment system.

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