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Chin at The Barber - Oman face works

The chin is a term we chose, is basically all mustache and beard services that we offer.

For all humans, the face is our front door! So we do our best to keep it healthy, warm, and inviting.

Our barbers are very well experienced and can trim, shave and shape your beard very well.

So whether you like a chin with razor-sharp looks, or you like a rounded beard, or you like handlebar mustache, we got it all covered.

Just communicate your mustache and beard needs to your barber and he will give you the best work.

Chin Services We Offer

  • Mustache
  • Beard Shave
  • String Facial Hair Removal
  • Full Face Waxing

Other Services We Offer

  1. Hair Cuts and Styles
  2. Hair Coloring
  3. Facial Treatments
  4. Hand Spa


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