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get the most enjoyable experience at The Barber


If you are a very organized person, then you may have already figured this out, or maybe not. That is why we want to share this information for all to benefit.

You probably have been to a barbershop more than once and noticed some gloomy faces. You may even have heard expressed disgruntled people around you. Most of these are great people. The issue for most is just timing. Which is either caused by a stressful schedule or simply an unorganized life schedule.

To get the most enjoyable experience at The Barber shop, we have put together a few pointers which we hope will help.

Choose Your Most Free Day

Choose your most free day, and by this, we do not mean your day off. We know on your day off you actually have more things to do than normal. Plus for those who do not have much to do, their timing or availability depends on their mood. So that is not a good day to get your hair cut!

What we mean by your most free day, is that there is a day when you know you typically have an hour or two that are not 100% dedicated to something. Maybe you like to read, play video games, or watch a movie. In other words, if you did not do those things or if you did those things, your life will not change.

When you visit The Barber on such a day, you are not pressed for time, so it does not bother you if he seems to be taking too much time with another customer. Plus when it’s your time, you do not feel like rushing him.

Your barber works best when they are not pressured. Remember, haircutting is not just a job, it is actually an art. Any artist under stress will not perform their best. Therefore your free day gets you the very best!

Visit The Barber on Their Least Busy Days & Times

If you have more than one such day (free day) in your week, then call The Barber location closest to you and ask them, which days and times are the least busy. Then pick one that coincides with your free day!

Talk about giving an artist the best opportunity, with no stress, your barber can do wonders. Don’t get me wrong, barbers are trained to work under stress, and just being on their feet all day long is stress enough! But when you combine your free day and their free time, you get the best of both worlds. You allow your barber to give you his very best in his own time. Neither you are rushed, nor is he!

Choose Your Barber and Keep Your Barber

If you are new to a location and your original barber is too far away. You may look into your local barber shops and try a few, or read reviews until you find the one that you feel will work for you. Once you visit them, you may want to try different barbers (unless the first one that touched you has scored with you). Once you find a barber you like, stick to them. Here are a few reasons why.

  • They will get to know you and the styles you like
  • It is easier to communicate your wants with respect to hairstyles
  • They will know how to make you look your very best because they too are relaxed with you
  • They can make heartfelt suggestions for styles for different occasions
  • You may even be able to check directly with them if they are available or ask them to wait if the wait is less than 3 minutes

The list is long…

Take Time to Know All The Barbers In The Shop

Barbers are human beings with lives and feelings. Most of them make it a point to know at least your first name. Some may have had stressful times every time you visited and do not know your name. Reverse the role… Ask each their name, on every visit until you know them. On each visit, tell them your name. One day you will walk in and they will greet you by your name. That feeling of being known is innate in all of us. It helps us feel better about ourselves. It helps boost our self-worth.

Imagine walking into The Barber shop and each barber saying, “hello Mr. Adam, how are you?”. “how is your son Abraham? how did he do in the race last week?”

Then you respond, “hello Jeff, I’m fine”. “Hi Saleem, how’s your son doing?”

Tell me the truth, do you think when you reach that level, will a barber not make sure they go the extra mile to make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in?

There is a wise saying that goes like this “Do unto others, as you would have done unto you”. Treat others with respect, and you will get more than your share.

One day when your original barber is not available or absent for an unknown reason, you now have several friends there who know you and will be delighted to give you a good haircut. They will treat you extra special because you chose to make them feel special.

Share the Love

We hope this small article has stirred some need for some good action. In reality, what is written here will work not only for barber shops but for most service-oriented places. We hope you will benefit from this reading and always share what you feel is good with others

Keep visiting this page and you will find more such useful information that may help you or your loved ones.

See you at The Barber soon!

Article by Sam Al-Busaidy

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