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Etiquette at Barbershop and Salon? All barbers know that you are busy, they too are busy for you. If they seemed not to be busy the last time you visited, then it may be that when you visited they had a canceled appointment or their appointment was late (the next one not yet in). Other than that, barbers are on their feet all day long, especially closer to weekends and holidays.

If you want to have good relations with your barber or stylist and as a result get better than standard treatment, you should know basic barbershop and salon etiquette. You can make barbers’ work easier and have them more focused on you every time you visit.


Try not to move. This is the one and biggest problem that interferes with a barber’s or stylist’s work. Try to sit still without making unexpected moves if you want to get a perfect cut.

If you have to move, make a motion or a gesture to your barber /stylist or speak to them and tell them that you have an itch or you are about to move, so they can stop. Moving even an inch or so at a critical time during the haircut you can get a choppy area and it is one of the best variants of the possible consequence.

Should it be necessary for you to grab your phone or just get more comfortable warn your barber or stylist first or do it when they aren’t cutting.


Don’t be late. Try to be on time for an appointment. That means 5 to 10 minutes early. It will make barbers’/stylist’s work easier and more comfortable. The more relaxed your barber is, the better results you get.

You can bet that as soon as your barber sees you, he or she has a silent sigh of relief knowing you are not late and therefore they do not have to rush. They now can use the calculated time to treat you well. Yes, they do have a calculated time which they have decided to devote especially for you. Consequently, if you’re late they have to be in a hurry because the next client may be already waiting. You should call them ahead of time (not 5 minutes before your appointment or when you are already late) to let them know that you’re running late.

In Oman traffic is predictable, at certain times of the day, in certain localities, traffic never changes… so using traffic as an excuse is sort of lame… as you would expect with someone coming to see you… you would say… they should have left earlier.


Know what you want. You have a consultation before the cut where you can discuss all possible variants and choose the suitable one. Don’t try to change your mind during the cut or when the haircut is finished. If your haircutter works by appointment or the barbershop/hair salon is busy, you can be sure that you’ll get a rush job. If you really must change your mind about the type of haircut, try to do it before you get too far and a stylist will have an opportunity to adapt the haircut.


Don’t be that last visitor. You know them right? At your office or work, the office closes at 3 PM, and there is that one customer who chooses to walk in at 2:55 PM… you know that feeling you get… it is not unique, everyone has it.

But with the barber, that’s not just it. Try not to be the last customer, meaning even if the barber closes at 10 PM and you can make it at 9 PM, try to get there earlier in the day. The barber and stylist’s work is really hard because they spend the entire day on their feet with their hands in the air. So at the end of the day, they may not be at their best which is why it is better to get in and out early.


Don’t use your phone. Your friends will still be there after the visit. Try to be social with the people around you. You never know how just your smile or asking the next person how his day was will change how his day ends. As we say, it is “sadaqah”, to smile, and “ifshu salaam”. The good thing is that this etiquette does not have to be asked for in, Oman as most people are genuinely friendly. But if you have had a rough day, maybe some one’s greetings to you will make your day… it works both ways.

So, before the haircut, it is better to turn off your phone and put it aside, in a bag for example. That way, it is not distracting you and slowing your barber (and other people waiting). Just forget about it for a brief. Take the time to relax and The Barbers, take the time to socialize and give your barber an opportunity to concentrate and give you his best.

We hope the etiquette mentioned herein will help not only at our barber shop but also in other areas of life.

This article is adapted from the Fifth Avenue Barber Shop and modified for local clients

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